Taxation Management

"It’s not how much you make; it’s how much you keep."

— Hyacinth Ahuruonye, HCA & Co.

Our goal is to do everything legally possible to postpone, reduce, or even eliminate the impact of taxes on you and/or your business. Services include tax compliance, tax planning advice, or broader documentation, such as data management and retention, and financial planning. We will assist you in timely and accurate preparation of tax returns; assist with compliance efforts and initiatives; assist in establishing efficient and effective tax strategies; and offer representation before all taxing and regulatory agencies.


Our experienced advisors

  • Completely understand the structure and operation of our tax laws
  • Work with you to craft the most advantageous and efficient tax plan
  • Prepare and file your federal and state income tax returns
  • Assist you with your gift and estate tax matters
  • Fulfill most of your business and/or personal taxation needs and compliance requirements

At HCA & Co., we practice what we preach in terms of the importance of a well thought out strategy. For nearly 20 years our tax consultancy has been guided by the HCA & Co. Principles, (known as the "HCA Way") which help us guide you.

We have saved our clients several millions of dollars resulting from tax and penalty abatements and by implementing efficient tax planning, or other tax saving measures and strategies.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Proper and effective planning, while not all-inclusive or exhaustive, must be adequate, reasonable, pragmatic, easy to deploy and results oriented. While prior planning does not guarantee success or desirable results, it clarifies the goals, objectives and expectations of the task. The plan identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) surrounding your environments and decisions that have to be made.

Equipped with facts and knowledge-based analysis, decision making becomes easier, expectations more reasonable, risks more tolerable, anticipated and better managed; reaction time shortened, and the outcomes almost predictable and acceptable.