Forensic & Technical Services

"See the obvious and investigate the doubtful"

— James, Howell, SEC Trial Counsel

"Appearance and perceptions sometimes masquerade as facts; forensic sleuthing unmasks and disrobes the imposters, revealing the naked truth."

— Hyacinth Ahuruonye, HCA & Co.

HCA & Co. can help organizations respond effectively to the threat of fraud or the demands of an accounting investigation. Our services range from litigation support to forensic investigations and our consultants can help set up systems to:

  • Perform fraud risk assessments
  • Create a control environment
  • Design and implement antifraud control activities
  • Share information and communication
  • Monitor activities
  • Respond to threats of fraudulent activities – real or perceived

"Personal loyalty over group or organizational loyalty violently victimizes beneficiaries and users of financial data; an unpardonable and unforgivable betrayal of public trust and moral opprobium."

— Hyacinth Ahuruonye, HCA & Co.